Carl Dargitz

Class of 2013

Photo of Carl Dargitz
Education: Blended BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering


Carl had always had a strong interest in stem cells and their incredible potential to treat injuries, defects and diseases. His interest in the CIRM program led him to join Dr. Laiho’s lab where he gained useful laboratory skills that prepared him for the program.  In any future projects he takes on in his internship and in his career, his primary goal will be to use stem cells to the quality of life of people in need.

He completed his internship in Inder Verma's genetics laboratory at The Salk Institute for biological studies.  In order to create a better cystic fibrosis drug screening platform, he worked on generating and maintaining iPSCs from cystic fibrosis patients and differentiating these cells into lung epithelium. The results of Carl's internship project were included in a publication that was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2014.

After graduating, Carl obtained a position as a Research Associate at the Salk Research Institute for Biological Studies in the Stem Cell Core.

Carl, presenting his Internship Research at the 2013 CIRM Trainee Meeting.