Charles Clapp

Class of 2013

Photo of Charles Clapp
Education: Blended BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering


Charlie joined the CIRM program because of his interests in medicine and tissue engineering. Regenerative medicine is fascinating and his interest only increased with new knowledge in the field. He was excited for the future of stem cell research, and its potential application in treating cancer, heart disease, and possibly developing whole organs that will eliminate the limited supply of donors available for transplantation. After completing the CIRM program, he hoped to obtain an MD and work on the clinical frontier of regenerative medicine.

He worked in the Denchi Lab at Scripps. He worked on a project looking at stem cell fate after induction of telomere damage, which holds relevance in both aging as well as cancer research. 

After graduating, Charlie obtained a position as a Research Technicia at the Scripps Research Institute, in the laboratory of Dr Eros Denchi.

Charlie, presenting his Internship Research at the 2013 CIRM Trainee Meeting.