Whitney Cole

Class of 2012

Photo of Whitney  Cole
Education: BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering


Whitney  chose the CIRM specialized Masters program because she was interested and excited to be a part of a new area of research that gives incredible potential and hope for treatment of diseases which were previously thought to be incurable. She also felt this program would adequately prepare me for continuing my education toward a research and laboratory environment. She has always been interested in helping and improving quality of life for others and this program gives a great opportunity for that. Upon graduation she would like to use the knowledge and experience gained from this program to apply for medical school and pursue a career in both medicine and research. She interned at the VA medical center at Stanford University under Dr. Alesha Castillo. She studied the role of stem cells in bone remodeling and regeneration, which led to a publication in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.
After graduating, Whitney began work as an ER scribe preparing her application for medical school.