Brian Cattaneo

Class of 2012

Photo of Brian Cattaneo
Education: BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering


Since Brian was a young boy, he has been fascinated with the human brain and how it develops and functions.  He pursued this interest until a physician told him that he was "too normal" to be a neurologist.  Since then, his interest in the field of neurology has not waned, but has been fueled by knowledge and opportunity.  Brian is particularly excited to be included in the Gleeson Neurogenetics Laboratory at UCSD, as this is a place where he can study in the field he loves, and can work toward the end goal of Stem Cell research, which is to understand biologic systems with the intention of finding cures for diseases.  Brian can now also revel in the fact that, he is now as "not normal" as that doctor said he wasn't.
After graduating, Brian obtained a position as a Product Development Engineer at Cytori Theraputics.