Chris Sakoda

Class of 2012

Photo of Chris Sakoda
Education: BS in Biology (CSU Fresno), MS in Biology


When Chris joined the CIRM program, he learned just how important stem cells are for the advancement of regenerative medicine.  Diseases that were once thought to be completely debilitating have new promising therapies on the horizon thanks to developments in stem cell research.  He was excited to be working in the stem cell field towards these therapies.  He received his Bachelor of Science in Biology, with an emphasis in Physiology/Anatomy, at Fresno State and began classes at Cal Poly in the Fall of 2010.  His internship focused on the development of type 1 diabetes treatment using stem cells to develop insulin-secreting cells.  He planned to further his stem cell career and continue his education after the end of the program.

After graduating, Chris obtained a position as a Cell Manufacturing Associate at Capricor, Inc, where he is responsible for making cell product and developing manufacturing strategies.