Stephan Teodosescu

Class of 2015

Photo of Stephan Teodosescu
Education: Blended BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering


Stephan was interested stem cell research/regenerative medicine because of its potential to treat and cure conditions that were once never thought conquerable.  This science is truly at the forefront of medicine, biology and engineering and he couldn't think of anywhere else he would have liked to start a career. He wanted to focus in on translating the tissue engineering aspect of regenerative medicine into real-life therapies. Once he completed the Bridges program he planned to affect this exciting field by working in industry for a medical device or cell therapeutics company that focuses on clinical adaptation of regenerative medicine.

His internship was at Cytori Therapuetics in the Research and he was working under John Fraser in the Research and Develpoment department. The clinical relevance of his project was developing a novel device for topically delivering Adipose Derived Regenerative Cells to burn patients. His role was to identify a proper device for topically delivering ADRCS to burn patients, and to carry out the necessary verification and validation testing needed for an FDA-approved clinical trial.

After graduating, Stephan obtained a consulting position at BDO.

Stephan, presenting his Internship Research at the 2015 CIRM Trainee Meeting.