Hannah Rasby

Class of 2016

Photo of Hannah Rasby
Education: Blended BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering at Cal Poly


Hannah is interested in stem cell research because she finds nothing more mystifying and phenomenal than the process of a single cell multiplying, differentiating, and organizing into all the tissues of the human body. The area of regenerative medicine that interests her the most is the creation of artificial organs and tissues. She hopes to have a career working in a lab that specializes in either combination devices or bio-mimicry technology. Rather than using stem cells alone, she'd like to work on projects that integrate biological elements with abiotic elements.

Hannah worked in the Research and Development lab for ViaCyte Inc., specifically focusing on device loading. She is currently working on in vitro modeling for future device iterations. Her internship responsibilities include anything from cell culture to tensile testing. Her team includes senior engineer Karmi Robison and CIRM alumni Leah Elliot. 

Hannah currently works as an engineer for Rock West Solutions.