Asuman Bilgin

Class of 2016

Photo of Asuman Bilgin
Education: BS in Chemical Engineering at Lafayette College, MS in Biomedical Engineering at Cal Poly


Asuman is interested in the potential for stem cell research to develop into novel therapies. She hopes to focus on the application of biomaterials to optimize cell therapy delivery methods. Her career goal is to work in industry designing and developing drug delivery systems.

Asuman is an intern at ViaCyte Inc., under Dr. Chad Green and Craig McGreevy on the Device R&D Engineering team. The Device R&D Engineering team works to develop next generation products based on the feedback from the current phase I/II clinical trial assessing ViaCyte’s combination product. Asuman’s project is focused on design and development of the Encaptra® Drug Delivery System, which encapsulates differentiated embryonic stem cells to create an implantable therapy for Type I diabetes.

After graduating, Asuman was hired by Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. as a process development engineer.