Aubrey Stiers

Class of 2016

Photo of Aubrey Stiers
Education: BS in Biology at Cal Poly, currently pursuing MS in Biology at Cal Poly


Aubrey thinks stem cells and regenerative medicine have the potential to not only provide cures but to further our understanding of development and cellular processes. She hopes to focus on developmental biology and use her passion for molecular biology to study and gain more understanding about developmental processes. Her goal is to earn her PhD and teach at a university, maybe even Cal Poly, while conducting research and fostering undergraduate research opportunities. 

Her internship site is at the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine, which is part of UC San Diego. Her PI is Dr. Karl Willert. The lab is studying the use of an antibody as a cancer therapy. Aubrey is helping with the in vitro preclinical experiments testing the effect of the antibody on cancer migration.

After graduating, Aubrey became a science teacher at Mission College Preparatory High School.