Kevin Tran

Class of 2016

Photo of Kevin Tran
Education: BS in Biology at San Jose State University, currently pursuing MS in Biology at Cal Poly


Kevin is interested in stem cell research because of the endless possibilities it has in potentially curing a variety of different diseases. By studying how these cells behave and understanding the mechanisms behind them, anything is possible within the field of regenerative medicine. Most importantly, he wants to be able to use the knowledge he's obtained from the research lab and translate it into clinical practice in order to help patients. The area which he wants to focus on right now is tissue engineering. Currently, there is a huge transplant waiting list for patients, and the number of organs available to the public is severely low. Through tissue engineering, cells can be engineered to become organs outside the body, and he believes this field will create a paradigm shift in how we view regenerative medicine. After graduating from Cal Poly Kevin plans to go to medical school. He wants to use the laboratory skills he will have gained here to directly aid patients so they can have the fulfilling and comfortable life they all deserve.  

After graduating, Kevin became a senior manufacturing operator at Thermo Fisher Scientific.