Leah Elliot (Dixon)

Class of 2014

Photo of Leah Elliot (Dixon)
Education: Blended BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering


Leah chose to specialize in stem cell research to begin to understand the complexity and potential that stem cells hold for regenerative medicine. She was intrigued by the idea of creating donor specific cell lines that could then be used to treat the patient either alone, or in tandem with a tissue engineered construct. She planned on working in the biotech industry after graduation, and ultimately acquiring a PhD in biomedical engineering.

She fulfilled her internship at ViaCyte Inc. in Torrey Pines, CA. She was working with the Combination Product Engineering team under Erik Olson. The company was looking to bring a type 1 diabetes cure to the market in the form of a innovative product comprised of differentiated embryonic stem cells encapsulated inside a retrievable, immune-protective device. She was personally working with the Combination Product Engineering team to complete development of the manufacturing process, testing of these processes, and documentation needed to file an Investigational New Drug Application for the FDA.

After graduating, Leah obtained a position as a research and development engineer at Viacyte, Inc.

Leah, presenting her Internship Research at the 2014 CIRM Trainee Meeting.