Diana Gumber

Class of 2017

Photo of Diana Gumber
Education: BS in Animal Science and BS in Biology at Cal Poly


All aspects of stem cells interest Diana but she is particularly fascinated in the use of stem cells in the medical field to treat disease by regenerating damaged or deficient tissues. She wishes to apply her experience in embryology to study differentiation of embryonic stem cells as well as induced pluripotent stem cells. She plans to build upon her interest in medicine and stem cell research by applying to MD/PhD programs upon completion of the program. She is enthralled by the possibility working in a field that she has grown to love while being part of research that will improve the quality of life of others.

Diana is interning in the Willert Lab located at the Sanford Consortium of Regenerative Medicine under Karl Willert. She is working with an antibody to the human FZD7 receptor that has potential in the treatment of high FZD7-expressing cancers. Currently she is working on producing the antibody as well as cloning the scFv portion of the antibody onto a chimeric antibody receptor for use in immune based cancer therapies.