Nikita Shah

Class of 2017

Photo of Nikita Shah
Education: BS in Molecular Biology at UC San Diego


Nikita believes that stem cells are the future of medicine. Understanding how stem cells become a variety of healthy cells will lead to creating an internal repair system for numerous diseases. she is most interested in studying stem cells within the context of cancer biology. Her ambition is to become a stem cell biologist. Her goal is to combine stem cell research with work in the cancer realm to help develop cancer curing treatments.

One of Fate Therapeutics' goals is the production of adult and iPSC-derived hematopoietic stem cells for an off-the-shelf therapies involving lymphoid effector cells. As a member of Process Development under Dr. Chad Green, Nikita collaborates with the R&D team to transfer and verify research processes in the process development lab, and optimize scaled processes for the iProducts using GMP-compatible equipment, disposables and reagents. They also author and review standard operating procedures, final process, conduct verification studies, and execute equipment installation and operational qualification protocols.