Karim Dudum

Class of 2017

Photo of Karim Dudum
Education: Blended BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering at Cal Poly


Karim is interested in regenerative medicine because he wishes to treat the human body with natural mechanisms. He hopes to focus his career in the area of tissue engineering and the development of regenerative therapeutics. With the knowledge acquired and skills developed in the regenerative medicine program, he wishes to continue working on the cutting edge of research and development of regenerative technologies, helping to bring life changing products to the forefront of medicine.

Karim is working as an R&D Engineer at ViaCyte, Inc under the mentorship of Leah Elliot Dixon, a former Cal Poly CIRM alumnus from the Class of 2014. ViaCyte is working to bring a stem cell derived therapy to treat insulin dependent diabetes to market. Karim predominantly works on the product engineering team doing design verification, validation, and testing.