Shereen Aldaimalani

Class of 2018

Photo of Shereen Aldaimalani
Education: BS in Biomedical Engineering at UC Davis


Shereen believes that stem cell research and regenerative medicine are the keys to treating incurable diseases, and she feels privileged to be part of a field that has the potential to bring stability and new hope to patients through cell and tissue-based therapies. She wants to focus on tissue engineering because it challenges her understanding of both biology and engineering. She is very interested in pursuing work at research hospitals, as she finds working in a clinical environment very motivating.
Shereen is completing her internship at Organovo's therapeutics department under the guidance of Emily Bozek. Her work involves the characterization of bioprinted therapeutic liver tissues that are being developed to treat inborn errors of metabolism. Shereen is involved in all steps of the tissue engineering process, from printing and maintenance to characterization. She is also involved in a project that aims to assess the effectiveness of including iPSCs in therapeutic tissues.