Daniel Peterson (Animal Science Admissions Contact)

Office: 10-114
Phone Number: 805-756-7633
Email: dpeterso(place an 'at' sign here)calpoly.edu


Daniel Peterson leads the animal science department’s program in applied biotechnology. Peterson teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in molecular biotechnology, focusing on molecular biology techniques, experimental systems and design relating to animal systems. Peterson also teaches animal genomics and physiological chemistry, as well as contributes to many other courses within the department. In addition to teaching, Peterson mentors undergraduate and graduate students conducting research on the molecular aspects of nutrient metabolism, endocrinology, genetics and cell physiology.

Inquiries relating to graduate studies in Peterson’s laboratory are welcome.



  • B.S., University of California, Davis
  • Ph.D., Cornell University


CIRM Class: ASCI 581 Graduate Seminar

This course provides all incoming students in the Regenerative Medicine MS program with opportunity to review current problems and research in the field of stem cell biology. Students identify current stem cell research performed at laboratories associated with CIRM Bridges to Stem Cells host institutions and that is congruent with their interests. Students identify a specific host institution they wish to explore, become familiar with current research published from this laboratory and present it to the group, including discussion of the methodology employed and applicability to the field of regenerative medicine.

Picture of Daniel Peterson (Animal Science Admissions Contact)