Regenerative Medicine

Biomedical Engineering, Biological Sciences, and Animal Science

Regenerative Medicine Advising


Curriculum Flow Chart (Core Courses)

  Year 1 Core Courses  Year 2
Fall BMED 510 Tissue Engineering
BIO 534 Stem Cell Biology
ASCI 581 Internship Opportunities Seminar
 BMED/BIO/ASCI 593 Internship

BMED 515 Biomedical Imaging**
BIO 475 Molecular Biology*

BMED 563 Product Development Seminar
BIO 509 Communicating Biology

Graduate Level Statistics*
BMED 550 T-Cell Production

BMED/BIO/ASCI 593 Internship

BMED 560/1 Cell Transplantation
BIO 590 Rotating Topics Seminar
BMED/BIO/ASCI 583 Project

BMED 571 MSC Production

BMED/BIO/ASCI 593 Internship


BMED/BIO/ASCI 583 Project Complete Any Remaining Program Components
Department-Specific Curricula ASCIBIOBMED
Suggested Electives

*Offered Every Quarter 

**Offered as BMED 500 in Winter and Spring in '21-'22

Graduate Forms

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