Regenerative Medicine

Biomedical Engineering, Biological Sciences, and Animal Science

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In the 2nd year, students complete an internship at any level of the product-development cycle, from discovery & translational research to clinical development.

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Faculty from BME, Bio Sci, and Animal Sci teach and mentor students from those disciplines plus biochemistry, chemical engineering, and more through a collaborative & interdisciplinary curriculum.

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Students in the Tissue Engineering lab

Hands-On Lab: Principles of Tissue Engineering

In Principles of Tissue Engineering, students learn all aspects of the field's paradigm - cells, scaffolds, and cultivation.

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Hands-On Lab: Biomedical Imaging

In Biomedical Imaging, students learn the whole spectrum of micropscopy-based imaging

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Students in the Cell Transplantation Lecture-Lab

Hands-On Lab: Cell Transplantation Lecture-Lab

Learn surgical techniques to prepare a disease model and evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of a cell construct

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Students working in lab

Hands-On Lab: Molecular Biology

Students learn foundational molecular techniques, DNA extraction, bacterial cloning, reverse transcription, PCR, and sequence analysis.

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Recent Graduates - Class of 2019

After a great two years, recent graduates celebrate their hard work at the Annual Banquet

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Current Interns - Class of 2020

After completing their coursework and before embarking on their internship, class of 2020 deliver poster presentations on their capstone project.

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Orientation - Class of 2021

Students kick off their Degree with Orientation, a half-day session that includes a Program Overview, Study Plan Review, an Industry Career Panel, and Lunch

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