Regenerative Medicine

Biomedical Engineering, Biological Sciences, and Animal Science

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In the 2nd year, students complete an internship at any level of the product-development cycle, from discovery & translational research to clinical development.

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Partnerships - CIRM

Our Program is supported by CIRM, which was created from the passage of Prop 71 in 2004, to advance stem cell research and support the development of regenerative treatments and cures in California.

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Partnerships - ARMI & NIIMBL

We work closely with the Advanced Manufacturing Institues, ARMI & NIIMBL, to enable manufacturing processes that will allow the large scale production of gene, cell, and tissue-based therapies.

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Faculty from BME, Bio Sci, and Animal Sci teach and mentor students from those disciplines plus biochemistry, chemical engineering, and more through a collaborative & interdisciplinary curriculum.

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Hands-On Lab: Principles of Tissue Engineering

In Principles of Tissue Engineering, students learn all aspects of the field's paradigm - cells, scaffolds, and cultivation.

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Hands-On Lab: Biomedical Imaging

In Biomedical Imaging, students learn the whole spectrum of micropscopy-based imaging

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Hands-On Lab: Cell Transplantation Lecture-Lab

Learn surgical techniques to prepare a disease model and evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of a cell construct

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Hands-On Lab: Molecular Biology

Students learn foundational molecular techniques, DNA extraction, bacterial cloning, reverse transcription, PCR, and sequence analysis.

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Recent Graduates - Class of 2023

After a great two years, recent graduates celebrate their hard work at the Annual Banquet.

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Current Interns - Class of 2024

After completing their coursework and before embarking on their internship, Class of 2022 deliver poster presentations on their capstone project.

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Class of 2025

Cal Poly Regenerative Medicine is happy to welcome our newest class of interns.

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