Regenerative Medicine

Biomedical Engineering, Biological Sciences, and Animal Science

Principles of Tissue Engineering - BMED 510

This course will focus on fundamental principles and current applications of tissue engineering. Lectures, discussions, and laboratories will be used to explore areas including cell source and isolation, scaffold selection and modification, bioreactor design and tissue cultivation, and patient implantation. Current applications of tissue engineering for the creation of skin, cartilage, bladder, blood vessels, and other tissues will be discussed.

At the end of the quarter, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate cell culture techniques and describe various cell source options for tissue engineering.
  2. Identify and discuss a range of biomaterials that can serve as tissue scaffolds and recommend appropriate scaffold modifications.
  3. Compare and contrast tissue cultivation methods and independently assemble and utilize a bioreactor system.
  4. Summarize obstacles and current successes regarding the development and implementation of tissue engineered constructs.


Students working in lab  Student working in lab  Professor Kristen Cardinal with students in lab  Student working in lab 

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