Regenerative Medicine

Biomedical Engineering, Biological Sciences, and Animal Science

Advisory Meeting & Internship Tours

Because most of our Internship Sites are in the San Diego area, the Program Faculty and First-Year Students travel together to La Jolla in Janurary or February to meet with our Advisory Committee Meeting, which is composed of a representative from each of our Internship Sites and other relevant experts in the field. The Meeting is separated into the following components:

  • Lunch - peer mentoring opportunity for the first-year students with the second-year students, who are 5-6 months into their Internship.
  • Internship Projects - after lunch, the internship-site representatives review the internship projects available, and briefly discuss those opportunities with first-year students.
  • Site Tours - after the project overview, second-year students take the First-Year Students on tours of the San Diego internship sites, while the Faculty and Advisory Committee conduct a Program Review.
  • Dinner - the Meeting concludes with a dinner for the Advisory Committee, Program Faculty, Students, Internship Mentors, and Alumni. 

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