Regenerative Medicine

Biomedical Engineering, Biological Sciences, and Animal Science

CIRM Trainee Meeting

At the end of the Program, recent Alumni attend the CIRM Trainee Meeting in July to deliver a poster presentation on their Internship Project. In addition to presenting on their Internship Project, students attend symposia featuring presentations from across the spectrum of cell based therapies- from basic science to commercialization to patient advocacy, and more. The Trainee Meeting also includes robust networking sessions, including socials, panels, and discussion groups. After nearly 2 years of hard work, the Trainee Meeting represents an excellent opportunity for each cohort to connect one last time, deepen their presentation skills and understanding of the field, and expand their professional network. 

2011 Cirm training meeting group photo  2016 CIRM training meeting group photo2017 CIRM training meeting group photo  2018 CIRM training meeting group photo


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